Healthy back: With these hints, pain is a thing of the past

Regular exercise and stretching seem to be the secret to avoiding back pain. But many people at school, at university or at work complain of neck, shoulder or back pain. There may be different reasons for this. Sometimes they stay in one position for too long, often misbehaviour is to blame for the dilemma. However, with a few tips, back pain can be avoided permanently.

Back pain is a common disease No. 1

All over the world, there are people who regularly suffer from back pain. The best way to protect your back, to give it variety. It’s not difficult. Everywhere and in almost any place it is possible to train your own back, so that you do not have to suffer from discomfort in the first place.

Integrating more exercise into everyday life
If you move more during different activities, you relieve your back. Many of us actually sit in the same position hour after hour. Pupils sit at the table as well as students and listen to teachers or lecturers. Workers sit in front of their desks and stare at their monitors for hours. Admittedly, it is necessary to sit still for a while to study or do work. Nevertheless, the back needs movement. How is that possible? Variations! There are now standing desks in schools, universities and workplaces. These ensure that standing work is possible. In addition to occasional sitting, the back can recover while standing. The muscles remain active and in motion. This at the same time reduces pain and ensures recovery.

Do stretching exercises to strengthen the back
Stretching exercises can be helpful in order to additionally relieve your back. Through these exercises it is possible to activate the muscles. When the back muscles are finally strengthened, we spare our spine. In order to achieve this, the stretching exercises have to be performed regularly and sufficiently. It’s possible anywhere. By circling the head or stretching out the arms and legs, different parts of the body can be stretched ideally. The back can also be excellently stretched by preventing the torso. Also, additional exercises that come from yoga or Pilates are best suited to reduce back pain. However, it is important to do the exercises correctly. In order to achieve this, the practices must first be internalised under professionally qualified guidance.

Staying active in sport
After school or work, most people spend a lot of time in front of the computer or TV. So they are not only at school, at university or at work, but also at home. Again, that’s not good for your back. It is better to integrate sports activities into everyday life. This does not require sweating or strenuous workouts. Often it is enough to take a walk, ride a bike or go swimming. Also dancing, hiking and jogging is ideal for the back and promotes at the same time the cardiovascular system.

However, if back problems occur occasionally, a warm bath or a thermal pillow can help. Medical therapies such as massages or thermal baths also provide for relaxation. However, it is crucial to remain active and strengthen your back so that problems do not arise again.