How To Come Up with Ideas When Designing Custom Koozies

Coming up with a design for your coolies can sometimes be mind-boggling when we don’t have much idea about what these huggers must look like or how they must reflect that’s why we often rely on the experts to do this for us. Indeed, we can easily hire someone with great designs to choose from and one who is reliable enough to make it an ideal piece of Art that will perfectly suit a can or bottle but as someone who needs it, we still have the last say on this. Every decision must depend on us so we should also do our part and that is to explain every detail to the designers regarding where these koozies will go or what they will represent.

Indeed, these pieces of stuff will have the same purpose no matter how it looks but we should always keep in mind that this will carry a brand, sport, organization, company, and people which must all be remembered in one way or another. This is not just about having a koozie and giving them away to people or using it in your business because there must be a reason you came up with such a design and that’s what you want to leave in every individual who sees it. Anyway, koozies are supposed to keep a beverage hot or cold, and with this, you make everybody rely on it, so I guess, the person or company giving this wants to do the same thing.

In my opinion, that could be the best reason why many of us prefer custom koozies as they can be designed according to our preferences and based on the occasion where we need them. I guess we can start planning the design by focusing on the event and from there, the designers can help us come up with ideal designs. We are not doing them by ourselves anyway, but we must be a part of it so let’s check on various events where coolies can be freebies or souvenirs.


Some entrepreneurs or shops sell various items when there is a big match on basketball, football, soccer, and other sports. During this day, viewers who are supporting a team would love to buy stuff that will remind them of the match. This is why merchants sell various products and one could be coolies.

Here, the design must contain the name or logo of the team as well as the date and location. These details are particularly important to the supporters, especially when the team that they are supporting won the match. Anyway, no matter what you sell on this day would be sold because that’s how viewers would like to show their loyalty.

Open House

Schools and groups from various communities usually promote an open house to sell various products to students or visitors. In this way, they can gather funds for charitable institutions that they wish to help.

Aside from food, you can also sell koozies here so to make it more interesting, you may pick funny or wise sayings and cliparts for your designs – look at for some examples. Pretty sure that you can make a list and ask the designers to make a draft. It could be simple, so you don’t need too much effort on this and leave it to the experts.

The colors will not even be the focus here because the consumers will be looking at the sayings. They’ll surely grab the ones that remind them of something.

Wedding Day

The groom and bride find it difficult to choose a souvenir for their wedding day so to cut off the debate, you may get customize coolies for the guests. As for the design, there should be a photo of the couple so you have to pick the best and most memorable picture, then a love quote would be great, too.

Some of you might want to give away two pieces so it could look like a puzzle that can be formed by sticking near the other piece. That would be an innovative idea because the groom and bride are two individuals who have chosen to be one.

This is the most special day in their lives so these souvenir items would be treated that way, too. It could be a simple token from the couple for witnessing the celebration but coming there as guests make it a more extraordinary souvenir – read this for more tokens to consider.