How to become an artist?

Whether you are a talented artist stuck in a boring graphic job or you are drawing as a hobby and want to change your career, becoming a real artist is a way to spend your day the way you want. It might not be the easy way, but if you have motivation, inspiration and a goal in front of your eyes and you are really passionate about what you want to achieve. It is doable!

The following tips might help you to get started.

  • Create your own brand logo. Print your own business cards with name and a phone number. Enter your email address. Describe your services and what you have to offer.
  • Inform yourself about schools, workshops and read art academic reviews to get more information.
  • Befriend with other artists and do collaborations.
  • Create a portfolio with your artwork.
  • Send packages to every advertising agency in the city with samples of your work.
  • Create a website showing your work and ask clients to give US-Reviews and recommendations. If you have no clients, tell your friends and family to give you some credits so that potential customers or clients can turn to a reference. Make sure your family is willing to talk about you and your services in a positive way.
  • Try to get an exhibition in an art gallery to show your work, so you can get recognition and clients.
  • Sign up for a course in your niche to get more experience.
  • Learn how to accept criticism. An artist who lives surrounded by people will always receive comments and feedback on his work. Consider criticism an essential part of your development and growth. If you receive both positive and negative comments, be grateful for them. Keep on learning.
  • Try to sell your art online.
  • Freelance for some publishers or other artists to get publicity. Send them a package with samples of your work and call every few months.
  • Partner with a friend who is an artist and create a project together.
  • Contact major agencies in your town and neighbourhood and talk to them about your projects and how they can help you.
  • Send samples to major companies to see if you can work for them on a freelance basis (from the start).
  • Network with other artists on social media. They can refer you to someone looking for your specific talent.
  • Find a service that gathers artists opportunities from across the country. It’s a great way to find a job as an artist.
  • Enter your art into the competition. The awards look great on your resume.
  • Write a spontaneous application to different agencies and companies, even if they are not hiring. Maybe they will like your work so much to offer you a job.
  • Volunteer for other artists. It is a great opportunity to see how the business is going and to get some connections.
  • Do not copy anyone. Be yourself, be specific and differ yourself.

Be realistic with yourself and your expectations. Everything needs time. Do not let you down even if the miracle won’t happen in the first days or weeks. Do not lose your motivation and work hard even harder every day.