What is so great about modern art?

There’s many different types of art in the world. Some things are more cultural and others are just emotional expressions of the artist. There are a lot of ways in which art is made and thought of, it depends on the person, place, time and what not, what the piece is going to look like. But what exactly is so amazing about modern art in comparison to ancient or classical art?


As you might know, a lot of kids, teens and young adults don’t like art as much as they did a couple of years ago. People are busier with what is going on online and what they can do with that instead of finding new ways to expand their knowledge in different departments such as art. Once people around that age are shown art they mostly tend to like the modern pieces more. It depends on what they are shown, if it’s a drawing their reaction will be different from when they’re being shown something like a sculpture or maybe a painting. Once they get shown a video you see their alertness goes up because it’s something they know, watching videos is a huge part of what they do online and it will be more interesting to most of them to watch a video on a huge screen instead of a real life musical.

What is modern art

Modern art is something that can be perceived in two different ways. You can perceive it as a recent form of art, art that is made in a way people would want things to look different in this lifetime unlike things from hundreds or thousands of years ago. Another way to perceive it is as an abstract form of art. Both ways are right, and that’s so fun about art, there are so many different ways people can look at it, it’s a beautiful thing. And that is actually one of the many great things about it. Another thing is that most of the time people don’t understand the abstractness modern art can have, so they start speculating about it’s meaning, it’s amazing!

Where can we look at it?

As we all know, there are a lot of places to look at art. You can look at modern art in a place like the Moco Museum in Amsterdam or Barcelona. They have a lovely collection of art exhibitions for everyone to look at. The price is also pretty affordable, especially when you use the ‘Moco Museum korting they offer. This gets you €4,- off your ticket which of course only adds to the fun! So go and take a look there or do some research and find a museum somewhere near you, for you to enjoy!